$10,000.00 USD

Diamond Membership - Annually

A membership for individuals with a proven premium history of at least $200,000 annually

What you'll get:

Red = Diamond Exclusive 

  • Cap on Case Splits
  • Attend Diamond Member only call 
  • Free Quarterly meetings
  • Weekly One-on-One Sales Coaching
  • Executive Case Management
  • Individual case support & weekly underwriting reports
  • Access for your clients to The Breakaway League virtual seminars
  • Climbing the Curve Sales Training with an emphasis on your particular area of focus. 
  • EOS, Conversion Point, & Tough Love Training
  • In person visit from Tom - 2 days & 5 client meetings
  • Unfettered access to all our current and future courses.
  • Free Newsletter Subscription
  • Attend Monday Calls – up to 2 hours
  • Access to Private Facebook group
  • Discounted Mentor books
  • Protocol Workbook

$10,000 due annually plus: 

Case Splits:

5% on all cases to The Breakaway League for general coaching & 30% to The Breakaway League for case specific coaching  (capped at $40K paid for commission received by The Breakaway League per calendar year).

Once $40k is reached no split is required, but coaching will continue. You may choose to add The Breakaway League for 1% in order to receive Executive Case Management & Weekly Underwriting Reports. 

40% to The Breakaway League for cases where Tom Love is with the prospective client either in person or virtually. 

Once $40k is reached, this split will decrease to 25% to The Breakaway League.